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Grid Sampling

We offer grid soil sampling ranging from a 2.5 acre grid to 10 acre grid, ensuring accurate repeat-ability time after time. McGraw Fertilizer Inc pulls multiple cores at each sample site, mixes and combines them to represent that specific grid cell.

After the samples have been collected and the nutrient analysis preformed, we will then creates highly accurate variable rate fertility maps based off of our nutrient analysis. This process insures that you are putting the right amount of fertilizer in the right location.

You’ll save money by not over treating some areas and by having even higher yields. 
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Variable Rate Application

Using the information from grid soil sampling, we can determine the most productive formula for your location to replace what is deficient for the next crop to be healthy and productive. With variable rate application, we can replace those nutrients, at the right rate and at the right location which improves efficiency and productivity.

Customer Applied

We have several fertilizer buggies as well as anhydrous tool bars available for customer use. 








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